LED Your Life!

Let light LED you into a new world. A world where light is bright, clean, and efficient.

Sure it's nice to sit by a warm fire. Any cat would agree. But heat isn't the same as light.  For light, LED is here to stay. Ask the cat. Even he knows......or is that a she? The old light is warm, its cozy, and it wastes a ton of money!

The old incandescent light is 80% heat and therefore clearly not efficient. Even the next generation of lighting, florescent, has its own closet full of skeletons. That's a blog for another day...

The light has LED us towards more efficiency which means more money stays close to you and that is a nice way to stay warm while light abounds. It lights up our LED world, knowing that you're not throwing your hard earned money into the fire.  Maybe if you need to keep incubating chickens with a warm bulb.....sure go ahead use a cheap light source that is mostly heat! But if you want to have more light with less wasted energy (and money!) and not have to change them when they burn up, get yourself some LED lighting and your bank account will give a sigh of relief.

Let's look at the math: when 1 lamp that did use 60 watts is now using 12 watts multiplied by 60 lamps that equals 2,880 watts. There are 746 watts / horsepower. 

That means your saving enough watts to equal 3.86 Horsepower!!! Your going to have to use all that money saved to buy some hay.

Lets give those horses a new home. Its time to order some LED lamps.


Happy lighting everyone.